Domestic Violence
Intervention Program

Working to break the cycle of
domestic violence within Hoke County.

Group Facilitator

Brandon Locklear

Vision, Mission, and Values

The mission of Greater Vision Counseling is to help survivors of domestic violence. The agency philosophy:

  • Assist in the reduction and possible elimination of domestic violence
  • Enhance the knowledge and skills of the community
  • Provide the resources to perpetrators and victims for a strong recovery and brighter future.

The Domestic Violence Intervention Program is a vital part of these efforts and cannot be accomplished without addressing domestic violence at its source: the perpetrators. The partner nor the participant is ever scheduled on the same day or time. We acknowledge that every person who enters our program is a unique individual, and there are often many factors that play into their battering behaviors, however, this recognition does not negate the need for accountability and change. Rather, we commit to approaching every participant in a trauma-informed and strengths-based way while never losing our focus on victim safety.

You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can
start where you are and change the ending.”
C.S. Lewis

We believe change is possible for every individual who enters our program, but that change is ultimately up to them. We cannot force or guarantee outcomes, nor can we ensure that participants will never engage in violence again. However, we strongly believe that this program can make tremendous differences for those who choose to learn from the experience.

Our Program

The Domestic Violence Intervention Program consists of 26 one-and-a-half hour weekly group sessions, plus an intake appointment and exit interview. Participants enter the groups on a rolling basis, and completion of all 26 groups is mandatory in order to complete the program. The total cost of the program is $500 or $25 per session.

Our Curriculum

Greater Vision Counseling uses the Duluth Curriculum for our Domestic Violence Intervention Program. This curriculum, called Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter, is one of the most widely utilized Domestic Violence Intervention curriculums available. It can be adapted to address female batterers as well.

Our Staff

Domestic Violence Intervention Program staff are all experienced professionals in the field of domestic violence, and are highly familiar with domestic violence behaviors and patterns of power and control. Group facilitators are trained to create thought-provoking dialogues around course materials, and the Program Director oversees all pogram activities.